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Monday, July 18, 2005

MA - Chinese Surname Ma3 - Beh, Mah

MA Chinese Surname

Also Spelt As:

Ma3 - Hanyu Pinyin Mandarin Chinese Romanisation

Beh - Hokkien or Teochew Chinese Dialect

Ma / Mah - Cantonese Chinese Dialect

Mha, etc.

Simplified Chinese Character:

Traditional Chinese Character:

One of the 50 most common Chinese surnames in the world.

The Chinese surname "Ma" is made up of the character "Ma3" (horse) in the Chinese language.

Other than being a general Chinese surname among the Han Chinese majority, the "Ma" surname is also a common surname among Chinese Muslims in Yunnan and Xinjiang in China. In fact, the world famous Chinese diplomat, navigator, voyager, explorer and trader, Admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho) of the Ming Dynasty, was originally named "Ma3 He2" but had his surname changed to "Zheng4" as an honour bestowed by the Ming emperor for victories and great merits (accomplishments) in battles. Yes, Admiral Zheng He was a Muslim from Yunnan.

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